MiiTel Invites Business Community to Maximize Productivity with AI Technology

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MiiTel Invites Business Community to Maximize Productivity with AI Technology


July 12, 2023 — RevComm Indonesia hosted its second MiiTel Connect event, an exclusive gathering for the business community that welcomed MiiTel’s customers and partners. Held at KOI Kemang, South Jakarta, the event provided a platform to share and discuss the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in enhancing business productivity.

Takeshi Aida, CEO, and Founder of RevComm Inc., attended the event to share his experiences and explain how AI doesn’t replace humans but rather supports them, making them smarter and more productive.

“Learning from the experiences in Japan, where productivity is often overlooked and people tend to focus on endless work without experiencing happiness, we see the negative impact on individuals and organizations. Therefore, MiiTel, as an AI-based technology with the vision of ‘building a caring society,’ aims to contribute to preventing such situations in Indonesia,” said Takeshi Aida.

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Takeshi Aida, CEO and Founder RevComm Inc.

MiiTel optimizes AI technology for automatic recording, transcription, and voice analysis in internet telephony and online meetings. This facilitates more effective communication while enhancing productivity. The innovation finds application in various business activities, including customer experience operations like those carried out by PayKu, a financing service from IAF MultiFinance that allows customers to purchase smartphones devices through monthly installments.

“By leveraging MiiTel’s automation and conversation analysis features, we have successfully increased task efficiency and productivity. Complex tasks can be performed automatically, lightening the workload of our staff. This allows us to save time and effort, enabling us to serve more customers,” said Hiroki Matsubara, Product Director of ITC Auto MultiFinance (PayKu), who was also a speaker at MiiTel Connect.

MiiTel is also applicable in various business sectors, including Food and Beverages (F&B). ESB, a company providing online cashier services for restaurants, is one such example. “We are still relatively new to using MiiTel to assist in customer communication. So far, we feel supported by various available tools, such as measuring telemarketing and customer care performance, lead quality, customer approach processes, and using the system to measure KPIs,” said Agustina, Marketing Manager at ESB, during the MiiTel Connect event.

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MiiTel Connect was successfully held with the participation of 60 delegates from prominent companies in Indonesia, such as Gojek, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Sinarmas. During the event, the delegates had the opportunity to network, discuss, and enjoy dinner together.

MiiTel Connect networking session

Cicilia Priscila, Sales Lead at GoCorp Gojek, shared her impression of the event. “Today’s event was highly interactive, from the CEO’s opening speech to the testimonials and MiiTel’s dashboard presentation. I’m delighted to have been invited to this event, as it allowed me to learn more about MiiTel’s products and hopefully engage with GoCorp. This is an exciting innovation as it combines AI with business needs. It’s the first time we’ve encountered such innovative products.”

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Through MiiTel Connect, RevComm Indonesia aims to maximize customer satisfaction and support business development in Indonesia by introducing the latest technological innovations. Currently, MiiTel is available in the Japan, United States, and Indonesian. To try a free MiiTel demo, visit miitel.id.

MiiTel is an innovation from RevComm, one of Japan’s fastest-growing technology companies. Within five years, RevComm became a unicorn and won numerous awards: Forbes Japan’s Startup of the Year, Google for Startups, AWS Summit, Mizuho Innovation Award, Japan Venture Awards, and Forbes AI 50.

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