Nurturing Your Path Towards Parenthood: The First Hassle-free Pregnancy Supplement Plans in Malaysia

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Nurturing Your Path Towards Parenthood: The First Hassle-free Pregnancy Supplement Plans in Malaysia

LUMIROUS introduces its Conception Supplement Plan, offering hassle-free fertility support all in ONE box! Collaborating with Advanx Health, the plan includes essential nutrients and antioxidants to enhance fertility and balance hormones.

Becoming A Mother with A Career
Modern women embrace the challenge of balancing a thriving career with the dream of becoming a mother. Yet, the demands of packed schedules and limited resources have posed obstacles on the path to parenthood for many. Fortunately, there is now a solution on the horizon. Recently, LUMIROUS, a one-stop fertility and reproductive health platform, unveiled its highly anticipated Conception Supplement Plan, designed to enhance fertility effortlessly. Collaborating with Advanx Health, LUMIROUS has meticulously curated a selection of essential supplements from trusted and renowned brands, all conveniently packaged in one box. With the goal of simplifying your fertility journey, LUMIROUS offers a seamless and effective solution to boost your chances of conception. 

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Modern Solutions Addressing Fertility Needs
LUMIROUS brought Malaysians not one, but THREE hassle-free supplement packages that can surely help Malaysian couples to conceive and have a healthy generation line. Each packed with a free high-tech pregnancy test, the Basic Plan, Essential Plan, and Complete Plan provide consumers with daily essential nutrients to enhance fertility. Comes with a free consultation and monthly subscription, where the supplements will be delivered every month to your doorstep with a price starting from only RM99 (The Basic Plan), RM199 (The Essential Plan), and RM297 (The Complete Plan).


With the ultimate goal of supporting couples in nurturing their journey towards parenthood, the supplement box contains essential nutrients and antioxidants that enhance egg and sperm quality, balance hormones, and nurture the way to conception! Folic acid, Coenzyme 10 (CoQ10), Omega DHA + EPA, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Calcium + Vitamin D3 are the selected ingredients combined in a box full of wonders. Consumers don’t have to worry about consumption methods as you can take all of the pills in one go at your convenience!

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But what truly put the supplement package in the limelight is the commitment and safety provided to consumers! LUMIROUS is fully equipped with its residency pharmacist from Advanx Health, who has helped answer many questions about fertility supplements. Customers can stay assured as this fertility supplement is the best provided to them at their doorstep. Plus, LUMIROUS welcomes its customers to ask LUMIROUS which supplement plan is the best for them. 

LUMIROUS and Advanx Health understand that taking supplements throughout the day can be inconvenient. That’s why they have made it incredibly easy for your convenience by having everything in one hassle-free box!

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LUMIROUS, a startup FemTech company, has been raising awareness regarding women’s sexual wellness. They are a one-stop fertility and reproductive health platform specializing in connecting patients to professional help, providing a marketplace for fertility and women’s health goods, webinars, and community events. LUMIROUS is currently working with over 15 fertility centers in Malaysia and providing IVF support and pregnancy counseling where the doctor-patient connection is created. They also offer free webinars every week and have invited diet coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and even their own team to talk about everything, women. Visit us on socials @lumirous_en and our website:

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