Edtech Cakap Consistently Empowering Over 3 Million Students: Impact Report 2022

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Edtech Cakap Consistently Empowering Over 3 Million Students: Impact Report 2022


Jakarta. June
22, 2023.
Cakap has recently released its annual impact report entitled “Fostering
Education, Empowering Indonesian People.” In this report, Cakap
demonstrates its consistency in delivering impacts that align with the goals of
the sustainable development framework for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Cakap’s primary focus lies in the three SDG points: Quality Education (point
4), Decent Work and Economic Growth (point 8), and Reduced Inequalities (point

“Through all the solutions at Cakap, we strive as
much as possible to contribute and solve real problems in the field of
education, particularly in Indonesia, with the hope of improving employment
among the workforce and accelerating national economic growth. Since 2022, we
have expanded our reach to provide more options for enhancing work skills to
the Indonesian people,” stated Tomy
Yunus, CEO & Co-Founder of Cakap.

As of 2022, over three million students benefited from
Cakap’s more than 17,000 modules. Cakap also empowered more than 1,800
educators, both from the hiring process and the initiative of “Cakap
Teacher Academy” program aimed at improving the capacity and capabilities
of teachers across the nation. Cakap has reached 54 (out of 62) of the
frontier, outermost, disadvantaged regions (3T areas) up to 2022.

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Furthermore, the report provides detailed measurements
of Cakap’s accomplishments of its three pillars which consisted of language,
upskill, and business pillars. In the language pillar, 88.83% (9 out of 10) of training students experienced improvement
on foreign language speaking abilities after completing the courses, and 81.73% of students who were
professional in their respected fields, felt that the training they attended
had a positive impact on their job and career.

In the upskill pillar, both experienced job seekers
and fresh graduates directly experienced the impact. 9 out of 10 (86.56%) of training students secured job opportunities
aligned with their interests, and 74.8%
(7 out of 10)
of students obtained jobs related to their Cakap vocational
training. In one of the upskill programs, the Cakap Teacher Academy, 72% (7 out of 10) of participants found
job opportunities after completing the training.


In the same year, Cakap
partnered with more than 600 institutions, including government and business
entities, to provide language and vocational training in various fields. For
example, foreign language training for prospective migrant workers in
collaboration with BP2MI (The National Board for the Placement and Protection
of Indonesian Migrant Workers) and tourism worker training with PHRI (Indonesian
Hotels and Restaurants Association), Asparnas (National Tourism Association),
and provincial governments such as NTB (West Nusa Tenggara). One indicator
showed that 93.23% (9 out of 10) students
have improved their foreign language skills in courses for tourism sector

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Gita Wirjawan,
Cakap’s Board Member and Former Minister of Trade
, appreciates the consistency of the
impact report released by Cakap, as an initiative to embody the company’s
mission to “Elevate People’s Lives” through its contribution to
education in Indonesia. The achievements made by Cakap throughout 2022 prove
that the capacity-building platform still has a potential market. “Like
the idiom ‘low hanging fruit,’ I see that Cakap can explore many markets in
order to elevate the nations. I believe that our workforce can compete,
especially in the fields of hospitality and IT, as long as they are supported
by proficient foreign language skills. This empowers them to boost their career
globally, and this is a form of empowerment that needs to be further
enhanced,” stated Gita.

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After the Covid-19 pandemic era, Cakap is optimistic
that the edtech sector will continue to grow as the company aims to benefit 100
million Indonesians by 2030. From a business perspective, Cakap’s achievement
of positive EBITDA for four consecutive years reflects that education serves as
an effective means to not only empower but also improve the quality of life for
Indonesians and beyond. Comprehensive data regarding the 2022 impact report can
be downloaded through the following link: https://bit.ly/cakap-impact-report-2022

About Cakap
Cakap is an Indonesian EdTech company that develops an upskill learning platform. It connects students with professional teachers and industry experts through various learning methods. Cakap provides two-way learning interactions for learning skills to elevate people’s lives. Available on Google Play, App Store, Desktop to reach diverse user segments. Cakap believes everyone deserves a quality education. Cakap provides educational solutions with an international standard learning curriculum to provide the best online learning experience.

Contact Person:
Moh. Ferry Prihardiputra
Public Relations Manager
Ph: (+62) 8175268638
Email: [email protected]

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